Lawriter - OAC - 3361:50-77-25 The graduate school: special rules and provisions.

3361:50-77-25 The graduate school: special rules and provisions.

(A) Eligibility of university faculty and administrators for graduate degrees: no graduate degree will be granted to any faculty member above the rank of instructor who teaches in the same department or division in which the degree is to be granted. This rule applies also to adjunct appointments at any professorial rank and to interdisciplinary degrees.

No holder of an academic administrative title of assistant dean or equivalent or above shall be granted a graduate degree from the university of Cincinnati. This rule applies only to those who hold faculty rank above instructor. Those holding "equivalent rank" must petition the graduate council.

(B) Restricted research for theses and dissertations: the right to open exchange of information and opinion in faculty relations with students carries the obligation to avoid comments or violations of confidentiality that would reduce free expression or inquiry by students.

A faculty member has the right to publish his/her research findings and the right to protection against retaliation because of displeasure over his/her conclusions by the public, administration, government, or others. He/she has the concomitant responsibility to refrain from conducting secret, nonpublishable research as part of his/her university duties.

Student involvement in industrial proprietary projects should be permitted only when these projects in no way restrict the student's ability to fulfill his or her degree requirements, which includes the obligation to publish dissertation results.

Replaces: 3361:50-77-25

Effective: 2/15/2008
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3361
Rule Amplifies: 3361
Prior Effective Dates: 3/16/1978, 10/20/1999, 10/21/2002, 3/21/2005