3364 University of Toledo

Chapter 3364-1 Board of Trustees In General; Medical Center and Clinical Operations

Chapter 3364-5 Administrative Responsibilities; Start-Up Community Schools; Campus

Chapter 3364-10 Reporting and processing job injuries; legal counsel

Chapter 3364-15 HIPAA Organizational Structure; Fraud, Waste and Abuse; Compliance and Confidentiality of Patient Information

Chapter 3364-25 Benefit Policies; Employment

Chapter 3364-30 Social Events; Housing; Aid; and Mandatory Tuberculosis Screening

Chapter 3364-60 Emergency Operation Plan

Chapter 3364-61 Policy Statements Relating to Weapons, Crime Prevention, Missing Student Notification and Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Chapter 3364-71 Policy Statements Relating to Veterans Assistance, Posthumous Degree Awards and International Bacfcalaureate Diplomas

Chapter 3364-72 Faculty Qualifications