Lawriter - OAC - 3364-25-113 Recruitment of personnel and hiring procedures.

3364-25-113 Recruitment of personnel and hiring procedures.

The human resources and talent development "HRTD" department shall provide a service for the university of Toledo by recruiting staff employees. Advertising for applicants will originate from the HRTD department.

(A) Whenever a position becomes vacant or a new position is created, the hiring department must complete an electronic personnel authorization "EPAF" request to secure the necessary approvals and begin the recruitment process. The EPAF includes the position description with comprehensive up-to-date position duties and qualifications.

(B) Requests for a new position are also processed by use of the EPAF, and must be accompanied by a position description denoting the basic character of the work, examples of duties, essential knowledge, abilities and skills required, etc. The classification of a new position will be determined by the HRTD department in accordance with civil service regulations, the policies of the university, and laws set forth in the fair labor standards act for the unclassified staff Positions shall be classified based on actual duties performed by the position. In no case will positions be classified higher or lower than the duties allow.

(C) Once job duties and classification have been provided, HRTD shall determine the appropriate classification and appointment category. The electronic personnel authorization and position description will need to be approved appropriately by the department head, the office of budget and planning, and HRTD. HRTD will respond within seventy-two hours provided all required materials and supporting information are properly submitted.

(D) After the approval process is completed and HRTD has received appropriate paperwork, the position vacancy will be posted on the university's online website; interested employees must apply online. All full time classified and unclassified position openings at the university are posted on the university's employment opportunity site located at Lateral and vertical job mobility is encouraged. If a position is determined to be in a bargaining unit, the respective contract provisions on bidding will be followed. The department or unit may review personnel files and contact supervisors of the employees.

(E) Interviewing managers may offer the position to a qualified internal candidate. Once accepted, the interviewing manager must notify HRTD and all other internal candidates of the reason for their non-selection, and contact the employee's current supervisor to arrange for an effective date of transfer, in accordance with the timeframes in any applicable collective bargaining agreement.

(F) If recruiting externally, the interviewing manager will work closely with their HRTD consultant to create a recruitment plan and assist the hiring department throughout the process.

(G) Once a selection is made, the hiring department will inform HRTD of its selection. HRTD will make the employment offer, with consideration for the affirmative action plan, and schedule all preemployment requirements, such as background checks, pre-hire drug tests.

(H) All new hires on the health science campus must be cleared by family medicine in compliance with the university's drug screen and immunization review process by the first day of work. Employees may be relieved from duty if the requirements are not complete.

(I) To enter new employees on the payroll properly, see rule 3364-25-119 of the Administrative Code, (personnel actions).

Effective: 3/31/2018
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3364
Rule Amplifies: 3364