Lawriter - OAC - 3364-71-19 Posthumous degree awards.

3364-71-19 Posthumous degree awards.

(A) Policy statement

The university of Toledo recognizes the unfortunate reality that an actively enrolled student may pass away prior to completing their degree requirements. This policy serves as an exception to rule 3364-1-09 of the Administrative Code, which requires a student to complete all requirements to be eligible to be awarded a degree from the university.

(B) Purpose of policy

The university may confer posthumous baccalaureate, graduate and professional degrees upon students who are deceased prior to the formal completion of all degree requirements.

(C) Scope

This policy shall apply to graduate, professional and undergraduate degree programs.

(D) Eligibility for posthumous degree

To be eligible to be awarded a university of Toledo degree posthumously, the student must have met the following conditions:

(1) At the time of death, the student was actively enrolled (or on military or health-related leave), and nearing completion of the requirements for awarding of the degree. For an undergraduate, "nearing completion" is defined as having completed a minimum of eighty per cent of the course requirements in a degree seeking program of study.

For graduate and professional students, "nearing completion" is defined as completion of seventy-five per cent of the course requirements at the time of death. In addition, for graduate students in programs requiring a thesis or dissertation, the graduate student must have commenced the research to the extent that the thesis/dissertation proposal has been approved, and a written portion of the thesis/dissertation beyond the proposal has been reviewed by the faculty advisor/committee. Graduate and professional students must have demonstrated evidence of the ability to successfully complete the degree as determined by their faculty advisor/committee.

The appropriate faculty, department chair, college dean and, in the case of graduate students, the dean of the college of graduate studies, will be consulted by the provost prior to making a recommendation to the president for board of trustees consideration.

(2) The student, undergraduate, graduate or professional, was in good academic standing, was making satisfactory academic progress toward degree completion as recorded on the student's transcript, and had no financial and/or disciplinary holds.

If eligible as specified in paragraphs (D)(1) and (D)(2) of this rule, a recommendation, with appropriate documentation, for the award of the posthumous degree should be made by the faculty in the student's major department, faculty advisor, department chair, college dean, provost and president; and, in the case of graduate students, the dean of the college of graduate studies.

Extraordinary circumstances: cases that do not meet the above specified criteria may be considered when extraordinary circumstances exist. In such cases, the provost will consult with the appropriate faculty within the student's program of study, department chair, college dean and, in the case of graduate students, the dean of the college of graduate studies, prior to a recommendation being approved by the president for board of trustees consideration.

(E) Approval process

The process for identifying and considering a candidate for the awarding of a degree posthumously shall be as follows:

(1) The college dean, upon learning of the death of a university of Toledo student, shall ascertain the relative academic standing of the student with the university registrar.

(2) Upon learning that the deceased student may be eligible for consideration for the award of a posthumous degree, the college dean will communicate this information to the appropriate departmental faculty or department chair to determine whether the student's overall record merits further consideration and recommendation that the posthumous degree be granted.

If recommended as outlined in paragraph (D) of this rule, the provost shall prepare a recommendation for the president to be forwarded to the board of trustees for its consideration.

(F) Awarding of posthumous degrees

Upon approval by the board of trustees, the following procedure will be followed:

(1) The family of the deceased will be notified of the approval by the provost or designee;

(2) The dean of the deceased student's college shall be notified, and this degree will be conferred at the next regularly scheduled commencement exercise;

(3) The posthumous nature of the award will be indicated on the diploma, the student's permanent record, and in the commencement program. These actions are the responsibility of the university registrar.

Effective: 4/25/2016
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3364
Rule Amplifies: 3364