Lawriter - OAC - 3364-71-20 International baccalaureate diploma.

3364-71-20 International baccalaureate diploma.

(A) Policy statement

The university of Toledo will award credit for a minimum score of four on the higher level examination of the international baccalaureate "IB" by incoming freshmen.

(B) Purpose of policy

To allow international baccalaureate "IB" diploma to be recognized by the university of Toledo as an advanced standing program for college credit as required by state law.

(C) Scope

This policy applies to all incoming first year students who are admitted and matriculate to the university.

(D) Procedures

An incoming first year student who wants his/her "IB" examination test scores equated for course credit at the university is responsible for having his/her official "IB" scores submitted directly to the university. The university expects the student to submit "IB" examination scores at least one month prior to matriculation in order to facilitate a timely assessment of the scores.

Upon receipt, the student's "IB" test scores will be evaluated in accord with the university's transfer policies and transfer credit evaluation procedures for the catalog year in which the student matriculates. The student's test scores and choice of major determines the application of the credits awarded from the "IB" examinations.

The university of Toledo course equivalency for each course within each subject group will be established by faculty within the department most closely aligned with the subject content and learning outcomes of the "IB" diploma course (s).

A student who earns credit in a course that is equivalent to an "IB" examination will not be given credit for the "IB" examination credit. A student may not apply for "IB" credit after they matriculate. "IB" credit will not be assigned to the record retroactively.

The provost and vice president for academic affairs or designee will review the awarding of credit through the international baccalaureate diploma program annually each May in accordance with the state's policies on transfer and articulation.

Effective: 7/5/2016
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3364
Rule Amplifies: 3364