Chapter 3376-1 Certification Standards

3376-1-01 Certification standards for county district librarians.

(A) Accredited library schools shall be those designated as such by the American Library Association and others which the State Board of Library Examiners shall designate from time to time. By accepting the satisfactory completion of a one-year course in an accredited library school as the minimum educational requirement, the assumption is that the accredited library school has investigated the educational background and experience of the applicant and has found them satisfactory and that the Board concurs in the approval of the school.

(B) Incumbent librarians-newly transformed county district libraries. Upon the request of a library board or librarian of a public library which has transformed into a county district library, the incumbent librarian, at the time of transformation, shall be granted a certificate, valid for the duration of his employ in said library. Should said librarian meet the qualifications necessary for a life certificate such shall be granted at this time.

(C) Life certificate. A permanent life certificate shall be granted to applicants who meet the following minimum requirements: the satisfactory completion of a one-year course in an accredited library school; five years of successful administrative professional experience in a public library.

(D) Provisional life certificate. The minimum educational requirement for a provisional life certificate shall be the completion of a one-year course in an accredited library school. A provisional life certificate shall expire at the end of five years. If five years professional work experience is not completed within the five-year period, the certificate may be renewed upon the approval of the Board.

(E) Temporary certificates. Temporary certificates shall be issued to applicants who meet the educational, work experience and personal record standards designated below. Temporary certificates are issued for a specific position in a specified library and may not be used elsewhere. Temporary certificates are to remain in effect for three years and may be renewed by the Board as long as there is satisfactory professional performance and evidence of professional growth. Requirements for temporary certification:

(1) Applicant must present to the Board evidence of two or more years of satisfactory library experience on a professional or sub-professional level.

(2) Applicant should have not less than 12 hours training in library science in an accredited library school or in an accredited college.

(3) Applicant must provide not less than three character and professional references.

Eff 9-25-70
Rule promulgated under: RC 111.15
Rule authorized by: RC 3375.47