Lawriter - OAC - 3379-7-07 Advisory panels.

3379-7-07 Advisory panels.

(A) The council or the executive committee from time to time may create an advisory panel in any designated art field or other relevant professions. Each panel shall perform such duties as shall be specified by the council, including submitting from time to time recommendations to the council for courses of action designed to promote the functions and activities of the council. Each panel shall be advisory only and shall not have authority to commit the council financially or otherwise without the council's express consent.

(B) A list of members of the advisory panels shall be compiled for council approval by the programs, panels and public policy committee, a standing committee of council consisting of five council members who are appointed by the chair with council approval for a one-year tenure. The committee will review suggested names of panel members as submitted by the chair and director who, in turn, have had input from staff and the arts field or other relevant professions. Council members will submit suggestions for panelists directly to the committee prior to the council meeting where panelists are approved. After approval of the panel members, the council shall then appoint the members to the advisory panels.

(C) Appointments to the advisory panel shall be for a term of either one or two years. The programs, panels and public policy committee may recommend to the council that an advisory panel member be reappointed but such reappointment must be approved by council and shall not result in such member serving for more than four consecutive years on the same panel. When an advisory panel member serves four consecutive years on the panel, such member may not be appointed to any panel again until two years have elapsed.

Effective: 04/15/2014
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