Lawriter - OAC - 3517-1-13 Frivolous complaints and attorneys fees.

3517-1-13 Frivolous complaints and attorneys fees.

(A) In any action before the commission, whether before a panel of the commission or the full commission, if the allegations of the person who filed the complaint are not proved, the commission may find that the complaint is frivolous and may order the complainant to pay costs. Such costs paid to the commission shall be deposited in the Ohio elections commission fund as established in division (E)(2)(b) of section 3517.102 of the Revised Code.

(B) In those instances in the Revised Code where the commission may assess attorneys fees, the commission may hold a hearing to establish the reasonableness of such fees, and the party against whom the finding is made shall pay such fees. Payment shall be made as directed by the commission.

Eff 12-31-82; 8-19-85; 5-2-96
Rule promulgated under: RC 119.03
Rule authorized by: RC 3517.02
Rule amplifies: RC 3517.155, 3517.156 111:1-1-18