3701 Department of Health - Administration and Director

Chapter 3701-1 General Provisions

Chapter 3701-2 Divisions and Bureaus

Chapter 3701-3 Communicable Diseases

Chapter 3701-4 Ohio Cancer Incidence Surveillance System

Chapter 3701-5 Vital Statistics

Chapter 3701-6 Physician Loan Repayment Program

Chapter 3701-7 Maternity Units and Homes

Chapter 3701-8 Help Me Grow Program

Chapter 3701-9 Body Art (Tattoo and Body Piercing)

Chapter 3701-10 Breast and Cervical Cancer Project Cost Sharing

Chapter 3701-12 Certificate of Need

Chapter 3701-13 Hiring of Direct-Care Provider Employees

Chapter 3701-14 DRG Reporting Requirements

Chapter 3701-15 Tuberculosis

Chapter 3701-16 Residential Care Facilities

Chapter 3701-17 Nursing Homes

Chapter 3701-18 Training and Competency Evaluation Programs; Train the Trainer Programs

Chapter 3701-19 Hospice Care Programs

Chapter 3701-20 Adult Care Facilities

Chapter 3701-21 Food Service Operations

Chapter 3701-25 Resident Camps

Chapter 3701-26 Campgrounds

Chapter 3701-27 Mobile Home Parks

Chapter 3701-28 Private Water Systems

Chapter 3701-29 Household Sewage Treatment Systems

Chapter 3701-30 Lead Screening and Assessment

Chapter 3701-31 Swimming Pools

Chapter 3701-32 Lead Hazard Abatement

Chapter 3701-33 Agricultural Labor Camps

Chapter 3701-34 [Rescinded] Asbestos Hazard Abatement

Chapter 3701-35 Marinas

Chapter 3701-36 Local Health Departments

Chapter 3701-37 Plumbing Inspectors

Chapter 3701-39 Special Radiation Safety Requirements

Chapter 3701-40 Hearing Evaluations

Chapter 3701-41 Poison Control, Prevention, and Treatment

Chapter 3701-42 WIC Program

Chapter 3701-43 Program for Medically Handicapped Children

Chapter 3701-44 Ryan White Program

Chapter 3701-45 Ohio Hearing Aid Assistance Program

Chapter 3701-46 Hearing Assessment of Newborns

Chapter 3701-47 Abortion

Chapter 3701-48 Save Our Sight Fund

Chapter 3701-49 Fees for Laboratory Services

Chapter 3701-50 Infant Mortality Scorecard

Chapter 3701-51 Public Notice

Chapter 3701-52 Smoking Prohibitions

Chapter 3701-53 Alcohol Testing

Chapter 3701-54 Critical Congenital Heart Disease

Chapter 3701-55 Newborn Screening for Genetic, Endocrine, or Metabolic Disorders

Chapter 3701-56 Dentist Loan Repayment Program

Chapter 3701-57 Ohio Birth Defects Information System

Chapter 3701-58 Dental Hygienist Loan Repayment Program

Chapter 3701-59 Hospitals

Chapter 3701-60 Home Health Agencies

Chapter 3701-61 Nursing Home Residents' Rights on Transfer or Discharge; Employee Background Checks

Chapter 3701-62 Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Protocol

Chapter 3701-63 Appeal of Denial of Long-Term Care Facility Certification

Chapter 3701-64 Abuse or Neglect in Long-Term Care Facilities

Chapter 3701-65 Service Delivery to Multiple Needs Children

Chapter 3701-67 Child Fatality Review Board

Chapter 3701-68 Use of 440-416 Funds

Chapter 3701-69 Radon Testing

Chapter 3701-72 Radiologic License

Chapter 3701-73 Public Health Investigations

Chapter 3701-74 Choose Life Fund

Chapter 3701-75 Accessing Confidential Personal Information

Chapter 3701-81 Lead-Safe Rental Registry

Chapter 3701-82 Lead Training Programs; Environmental Lead Analytical Laboratories

Chapter 3701-83 Licensing Provisions for Health Care Facilities

Chapter 3701-84 Quality Standards for Providers of Health Care Service (HCS)

Chapter 3701-85 Level II Pediatric Trauma Centers

Chapter 3701-86 Registration of Newborn Safety Incubator Locations