3701-19-26 Patient areas in inpatient care facilities.

Each inpatient facility used by a hospice care program to provide inpatient care to its patients shall meet the following requirements:

(A) The facility shall have patient areas that are designed and equipped for the comfort and privacy of the patients and their family members.

INTERPRETIVE GUIDELINES: the facility shall ensure comfort by:

(1) Maintaining adequate lighting levels in the patient areas and designing patient areas that are devoid of glare and reflecting surfaces that produce discomfort;

(2) Minimizing the sound level;

(3) Maintaining a comfortable temperature. It is recommended that temperatures not exceed eighty-nine degrees Fahrenheit or fall below seventy-one degrees Fahrenheit, unless a higher or lower temperature is medically indicated, as documented by a physician in the patient's record, or the patient chooses a higher or lower temperature. If such a patient shares his or her room with other patients, the facility should make arrangements to accommodate the needs and desires of the other patients; and

(4) Providing adequate ventilation.

(B) The facility shall have physical space for private patient and family visiting;

(C) The facility shall provide accommodations for family members to remain with the patient throughout the night;

(D) The facility shall provide accommodations for family privacy after a patient's death;

(E) The patient areas in the facility shall have decor which is homelike in design and function.

INTERPRETIVE GUIDELINE: patients shall be permitted to bring personal items into the patient areas.

(F) Patients shall be permitted to receive visitors at any hour, including small children.

INTERPRETIVE GUIDELINE: it is recommended that patients also be permitted to receive visits from pets.

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Statutory Authority: 3712.03

Rule Amplifies: 3712.01 to 3712.06

Prior Effective Dates: 12/31/1990