3701-2-04.6 Bureau of public health laboratory.

(A) The following functions are prescribed for the bureau of public health laboratory:

(1) Examination of specimens for evidence of infectious or chronic diseases;

(2) Conduct chemical, radiological, and bacteriological examinations of food, air, sewage, and industrial wastes. Radiological examinations are conducted on water as a requirement for compliance with federal drinking water regulations;

(3) Screening of newborns for genetic, endocrine, or metabolic disorders pursuant to section 3701.501 of the Revised Code;

(4) Develop, conduct, and maintain a vector-born disease laboratory to monitor the occurrence of disease vectors through laboratory testing of mosquitos for infectious viruses, animal tissues for evidence of infection, and arthropod identification;

(5) Determine techniques or methods for chemically analyzing a person's blood, urine, breath, or other bodily substance in order to ascertain the amount of alcohol, a drug of abuse or alcohol, and a drug of abuse pursuant to section 3701.143 of the Revised Code;

(6) Promulgate satisfactory techniques or methods to determine the concentration of alcohol and/or drugs of abuse in blood, urine and breath or other bodily substance so one can perform the alcohol and drug analyses described in paragraph (A)(5) of this rule;

(7) Ascertain the qualifications of individuals to conduct such analyses described in paragraph (A)(5) of this rule and issue permits to qualified persons authorizing them to perform such analyses. Such permits shall be subject to suspension or revocation at the discretion of the director;

(8) Evaluate and recommend approval of evidential breath testing instruments; and

(9) Analyze and recommend the approval of simulator solutions used in evidential breath testing instruments.

(B) The following minimum qualifications of the chief of the bureau of public health

laboratory are prescribed:

(1) Completion of graduate studies in any of the following disciplines: public administration, business administration, or other business related fields; or

(2) Other equivalent combination of education and experience.

Effective: 12/16/2011
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3701.34
Rule Amplifies: 3701.34
Prior Effective Dates: 12/31/1977, 9/27/90, 8/17/92, 5/4/95, 2/8/97, 4/27/98, 10/16/98, 5/6/00, 4//9/10