3701-26-10 Water supply.

(A) A water supply for human consumption is not required at a recreational vehicle park, recreation camp, combined park-camp or temporary park-camp. However, when such a water supply is provided, it shall be of adequate quantity and shall be from:

(1) A public water system or a system that meets the standards of the Ohio environmental protection agency specified in Chapter 3745-81 of the Administrative Code; or

(2) A private water system which meets the requirements of Chapter 3701-28 of the Administrative Code if the system has fewer than fifteen service connections and does not regularly serve an average of at least twenty-five individuals daily at least sixty days each year.

(B) The water supply system and equipment shall be maintained in a safe and sanitary manner so as not to create a health hazard to the occupants of the park or camp. No person shall install or maintain a connection within a water supply system which could contaminate the water system or provide a cross-connection between a source of contamination and the water system unless an approved backflow prevention device is installed.

(C) Water from a private water system shall be tested at least annually or prior to opening each year at an Ohio environmental protection agency certified laboratory. The water shall be tested for the presence of total coliform bacteria and other tests as required by the licensor or the director and as specified in Chapter 3701-28 of the Administrative Code. The most recent sample report shall be retained on file at the park or camp for review by the licensor.

(D) Water from a public water system owned and operated by the park or camp licensee shall be tested in accordance with Chapter 3745-89 of the Administrative Code. The most recent sample report shall be retained on file at the park or camp for review by the licensor.

(E) Water used for the flushing of holding tanks or toilets may be from a supply that does not meet the requirements of paragraph (A) of this rule only if all outlets from the supply are clearly and indelibly labeled to the effect that the water is "unsafe for human consumption."

(F) As of March 22, 1997, when water is supplied for human consumption, the primary water source in any new or substantially altered park or camp shall be protected at the point of connection by an ASSE number 1013 reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly or equivalent device. Such device shall be annually inspected and tested in accordance with paragraph (A)(3)(c) of rule 3701-26-14 of the Administrative Code.

(G) Each individual site, portable camping unit or recreational vehicle in a temporary park-camp that has a connection to a potable water supply shall be equipped with an ASSE number 1024 dual check valve backflow prevention device or equivalent device at the source and at the points of connection.

(H) All water hoses used for human consumption in a temporary park-camp must be rated for potable water use only.

Effective: 03/15/2013
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 11/08/2012 and 11/15/2014
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3729.02
Rule Amplifies: 3729.02
Prior Effective Dates: 7/1/1965, 1/1/72, 4/3/80, 5/24/92, 3/22/97, 5/1/07