3701-29-07 Septic tanks.

(A) The minimum capacity of septic tanks shall be:

(1) Single family dwelling;

(a) One to two bedroom - 1000 gallons;

(b) Three bedroom - 1500 gallons in one or two tanks or compartments;

(c) Four to five bedroom - 2000 gallons in two tanks or compartments;

(d) Six or more bedroom - 2500 gallons in two tanks or compartments.

(2) Two or three family dwelling - the sum of the volumes for each single family residential unit within the dwelling as defined by paragraph (A)(1) of rule 3701-29-07 of this rule.

(B) In systems using two tanks, the septic tanks shall be connected in series and all sewage shall initially enter the first tank.

(C) The invert level of the inlet shall be not less than two inches above the liquid level of the tank.

(D) A vented inlet baffle shall be provided to divert the incoming sewage downward. The baffle shall penetrate at least six inches below the liquid level, but the penetration shall not be greater than that allowed for the outlet device.

(E) The outlet shall be fitted with a vented tee, vented ell, or baffle which shall extend not less than six inches above and not less than eighteen inches below the liquid level of the tank.

(F) The septic tank shall have a liquid drawing depth of not less than four feet.

(G) The distance from the flow line to the cover shall be at least twelve inches.

(H) The septic tank shall be installed with a minimum of one secured cover extended to grade to provide access to each compartment of the tank for inspection and cleaning. The cover shall have a minimum inside diameter of ten inches.

Replaces: 3701-29-07

Effective: 07/30/2007
Promulgated Under: 119.04
Statutory Authority: Sec. 120.02 of Am. Sub. HB 119 (127th G.A.)
Rule Amplifies: Sec. 120.02 of Am. Sub. HB 119 (127th G.A.)
Prior Effective Dates: 7/1/1974. 7/1/77, 7/2/07