3701-29-15 Privy.

(A) A privy shall be provided with watertight vaults or other watertight receptacles of not less than five hundred gallons capacity except as specified in paragraph (B) of this rule and shall be a minimum of fifty feet from any water supply source, and twenty feet from any occupied building or lot or right-of-way line.

(B) A vault may be constructed with an open or porous bottom if it is located not less than one hundred feet from any water supply source, and so located that the liquids leaching from the vault will not discharge at the ground surface, or into limestone, sandstone, shale, or other rock formation. The vault shall not be permitted where the depth to the seasonally high water is less than four feet below the bottom of the proposed vault.

(C) The construction and design of the vault and superstructure shall prevent access by insects, fowl, or animals.

(D) A privy shall be cleaned before the contents reach the top level of the vault.

Replaces: 3701-29-15

Effective: 07/30/2007
Promulgated Under: 119.04
Statutory Authority: Sec. 120.02 of Am. Sub. HB 119 (127th G.A.)
Rule Amplifies: Sec. 120.02 of Am. Sub. HB 119 (127th G.A.)
Prior Effective Dates: 7/1/1974, 7/1/77, 7/2/07