3701-32-09 Lead abatement worker scope of practice and standards of conduct.

(A) A lead abatement worker is licensed to perform lead abatement. In a residential unit, child care facility or school, or the soil surrounding it, or both, a lead abatement worker may perform:

(1) Lead abatement;

(2) Lead-safe renovation;

(3) Essential maintenance practices;

(4) Interim controls; and

(5) Paint stabilization.

(B) A lead abatement worker shall not:

(1) Supervise lead abatement;

(2) Perform or provide advice on lead inspections;

(3) Perform or provide advice on lead-based paint sampling;

(4) Perform or provide advice on clearance examinations;

(5) Perform or provide advice on lead risk assessments;

(6) Perform or provide advice on lead hazard screen risk assessments;

(7) Perform or provide advice on other lead assessment activity;

(8) Design lead abatement projects; or

(9) Prepare pre-abatement plans.

(C) To apply for a license as a lead abatement worker, an individual shall comply with the applicable provisions of rule 3701-32-04 of the Administrative Code.

(D) No lead abatement worker shall perform lead abatement without the on-site supervision of a lead abatement contractor or a lead abatement project designer.

Replaces: 3701-32-09

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