3701-33-06 Excreta and liquid waste disposal.

(A) To comply with the minimum standards of habitability:

(1) Sewage shall be discharged into a public sewer system whenever available. Where a public sewer connection is not feasible, sewage shall be discharged into a private sewage disposal system, the operation of which does not create a nuisance, a hazard to health, or pollute any waters of the state.

(2) If privies are used to receive and store fecal and urine wastes, they shall be provided with watertight vaults of a minimum capacity of five hundred gallons for each thirty occupants or fraction thereof who will use the privies. The minimum capacity requirements shall not apply to privies that are constructed as a part of an environmental protection agency approved sewage disposal system. The privies shall be properly vented, cleaned as often as necessary with the contents disposed of in a manner and place approved by the environmental protection agency, and located not less than one hundred feet from any water supply.

(3) Sewage disposal systems shall be properly located, constructed, and maintained in accordance with the standards prescribed by the environmental protection agency.

(4) The camp shall be provided with suitable drains or watertight receptacles for receiving the liquid wastes other than body excreta, shower or laundry waste. Liquid waste shall not be discharged upon or allowed to accumulate on the ground surface.

(5) Liquid waste disposal facilities shall be not closer than one hundred feet to a water supply and no more than two hundred feet from a housing unit served by the facilities. Liquid waste disposal facilities shall be clean and shall not create a nuisance.

(B) To comply with the voluntary standards of habitability:

(1) All toilet facilities shall be of the flush water type.

(2) Slop drains shall not be used and all housing units where cooking is permitted or required shall be equipped with a sink supplied with hot and cold water under pressure.

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Statutory Authority: 3733.42

Rule Amplifies: 3733.42

Prior Effective Dates: 6/1/1975, 4/2/85