Lawriter - OAC - 3701-47-01 Definitions.

3701-47-01 Definitions.

As used in rules 3701-47-01 to 3701-47-07 of the Ohio Sanitary Code;

(A) "Abortion" means, as defined by section 2919.11 of the Revised Code, the purposeful termination of a human pregnancy by any person, including the pregnant woman herself, with an intention other than to produce a live birth or to remove a dead fetus or embryo. Abortion is the practice of medicine or surgery for the purpose of section 4731.41 of the Revised Code.

(B) "Conceptus" means the product of human conception.

(C) "Department" means the department of health of the state of Ohio.

(D) "Director" means the director of health of the state of Ohio.

(E) "Fetus" means the developing conceptus from fourteen (14) weeks after the first day of the woman's last menstrual period until birth.

(F) "Gestation" means pregnancy.

(G) "Hospital" means any building, structure, institution, or place devoted primarily to the maintenance and operation of facilities for the diagnosis, treatment, and medical or surgical care for three or more non-related individuals, suffering from illness, disease, injury or deformity, and regularly making available at least clinical laboratory services, and diagnostic X-ray services and treatment facilities for surgery or obstetrical care, or other definitive medical treatment. It does not include a "home" as defined in sec. 3721.01 of the Revised Code.

(H) "Pathologist" means a physician licensed to practice in Ohio with special training in the pathology of tissues.

(I) "Post-abortion care" means care given after the uterus has been evacuated by abortion.

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