3701-7-08 Maternity unit patient care standards.

(A) Each maternity unit shall develop and follow a written service plan for the care of pregnant women and newborns. The plan shall include protocols based on the current guidelines for perinatal care appropriate for the level of care designation of the unit and for the services provided.

(B) Each maternity unit shall develop and follow a written service plan for the following:

(1) Discharge of patients and follow-up patient care;

(2) Inter-service transfers;

(3) Administration of blood and blood products, including protocols for the administration of blood and blood products to newborns requiring intervention. The service shall provide the appropriate equipment and supplies necessary to administer blood and blood products. At a minimum:

(a) Units providing blood transfusions shall have a blood pressure monitor, infusion pump, and appropriate intravenous equipment;

(b) Units providing partial exchange transfusions shall meet the requirements of paragraph (B)(3) of this rule and have umbilical catheter trays,umbilical catheters, a blood drainage system, and intravenous fluids or volume expanders; and

(c) Units providing exchange transfusions shall meet the requirements of paragraphs (B)(3) and (B)(7) of this rule and have a blood warmer and pulse oximeter;

(4) Provision of phototherapy including maintaining the necessary equipment and supplies;

(5) Preparation, administration, maintenance and management of complications of respiratory therapy. The maternity unit shall maintain the necessary equipment, supplies and support services for the administration of oxygen. At a minimum:

(a) Equipment required for the administration of oxygen shall include a flow meter, bag and mask set-up, humidification, pulse oximeter, and suction equipment. A cardiorespiratory monitor shall be maintained if a newborn requires oxygen therapy for more than stabilization;

(b) Units shall have the capability of providing blood gas analysis and portable x-ray;

(c) Units providing oxygen administration by nasal cannula shall have a low flow meter;

(d) Units providing oxygen administration using an oxygen hood shall have an oxygen analyzer, a heat source, and a thermometer;

(e) Units providing incubator oxygen shall have appropriate tubing and an oxygen analyzer;

(f) Units providing oxygen by a continuous positive airway pressure/ventilator shall have intubation equipment, endotracheal tubes,nasal prongs, and an oxygen analyzer; and

(g) Units shall have the capability of treating pneumothorax;

(6) Unit-based surgeries and surgical suite-based surgeries. The plan shall include the type of surgical procedures authorized to be performed on the unit and in surgical suites. The maternity unit shall maintain equipment appropriate to patient size; and

(7) Insertion, maintenance, monitoring and complication management of peripheral, central, and arterial lines. Each maternity unit shall provide the appropriate staff, equipment, supplies, and support services for the insertion, maintenance, and monitoring of lines in accordance with the written service plan. The written plan shall require that infusion pumps regulating flow to newborns be capable of regulating flow to one-tenth cubic centimeter.

Replaces: 3701-7-03,3701-84-43

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Effective: 01/01/2012
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