3701-84-07 Patient care policies.

(A) The provider of a HCS shall develop and follow comprehensive and effective patient care policies that include the following requirements:

(1) Each patient shall be treated with consideration, respect, and full recognition of dignity and individuality, including privacy in treatment and personal care needs;

(2) Each patient shall give informed consent and be allowed to refuse or withdraw consent for treatment or give conditional consent for treatment. Written documentation of patient consent shall be maintained in the patient's medical record;

(3) Each patient shall have access to his or her medical record, unless access is specifically restricted by the attending physician for medical reasons;

(4) Each patient's medical and financial records shall be kept confidential; and

(5) Upon request, each patient shall receive a detailed explanation of charges including an itemized bill for services received.

(B) The provider of a HCS shall ensure that each patient is informed of the following:

(1) The diagnosis and treatment alternatives and the risks involved with each;

(2) The HCS's policy on advanced directives; and

(3) The name of the attending physician or individual supervising the patient's care and the manner in which that individual may be contacted.

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