3701-84-09 General service standards.

(A) The provider of a HCS shall assure all staff members provide services in accordance with:

(1) The patient's plan of care;

(2) The policies and procedures developed by the HCS;

(3) Applicable current and accepted standards of practice and the clinical capabilities of the HCS;

(4) Applicable state and federal laws and regulations; and

(5) The applicable quality of care and safety standards set forth in this chapter of the Administrative Code.

(B) The provider of a HCS shall document all medical services performed in the care of the patient in his or her medical record.

(C) The provider of a HCS shall provide for the ancillary and support services necessary for the provision of the HCS's services.

(D) The provider of a HCS shall establish and follow written infection control policies and procedures for the surveillance, control and prevention of communicable disease organisms by both the contact and airborne routes which shall be consistent with current infection control guidelines, issued by the United States centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) and shall facilitate the activities associated with the prevention and spread of communicable infectious diseases. The HCS shall retain documentation evidencing compliance with this paragraph and shall furnish such documentation upon request. The policies and procedures shall address:

(1) The utilization of protective clothing and equipment;

(2) The storage, maintenance and distribution of sterile supplies and equipment;

(3) The disposal of biological waste; including blood, body tissue, and fluid in accordance with Ohio law;

(4) Standard precautions/body substance isolation or equivalent; and

(5) Tuberculosis and other airborne diseases.

(E) The provider of a HCS shall maintain and operate equipment in a safe manner, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, and shall not jeopardize patient health or safety through operation of the equipment.

(F) The provider of a HCS shall provide the patient or the patient's representative:

(1) Instruction and education regarding the services to be performed;

(2) Written information about how to obtain appointments and needed services both during and after the HCS's normal hours of operation; and

(3) Verbal and written instructions for post-treatment care and procedures for obtaining emergency care.

Effective: 06/21/2012
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