3701-84-21 Utilization levels.

(A) Each solid organ transplant service, including combined adult and pediatric transplants performed in a single hospital or university multi-hospital transplant service, should achieve the following volume goals per year after they have been in existence for two years or more to ensure efficiency and a minimum floor of competency:

(1) For kidney, fifteen transplants;

(2) For heart, ten transplants;

(3) For liver, ten transplants; and

(4) For lung, ten transplants.

(B) Volume goals will be considered by the director in conjunction with other indicators of quality, not as the sole indicator of service performance.

(C) Failure to meet a volume goal for two consecutive years will trigger an extended review of the solid organ transplant service including possible inspections by the director of health. The director may request a statewide consortium of solid organ transplant services to conduct the inspections for solid organ transplant services.

Replaces: 3701-84-21

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