3701-84-63 Physical design and facilities.

(A) The PICU shall have controlled access with no through traffic.

(B) The PICU shall be in close proximity to a family waiting area. Proximity to the physician on-call office is recommended. The PICU shall be available by gurney to the emergency department, the surgical area and recovery area.

(C) The PICU shall contain the following distinct areas:

(1) Patient isolation rooms;

(2) A clean linen room;

(3) A soiled linen room;

(4) Equipment storage;

(5) Counseling;

(6) A medication station with drug refrigerator and locked narcotic cabinet;

(7) A nourishment station;

(8) Hand washing facilities;

(9) Staff and patient toilets; and

(10) Patient personal effects storage.

(D) All patient rooms shall have:

(1) The capacity to provide patient privacy;

(2) Easy, rapid access to the head of the bed; and

(3) Adequate compressed air, oxygen, and vacuum outlets per bed.

(E) The PICU shall have a rapid and reliable system that timely reports and receives laboratory results.

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