3701-84-84 Patient selection/utilization.

(A) The provider of a pediatric cardiovascular surgery service shall have established criteria that cardiologists and physicians must utilize for patient selection and appropriateness.

(B) The provider of a pediatric cardiovascular surgery service should meet a volume goal of at least one hundred pediatric procedures per year by the second full year of operation, of which seventy-five are pediatric cardiovascular surgeries, to ensure efficiency and a minimum floor of competency.

(C) Volume goals shall be considered by the director in conjunction with other indicators of quality and not as the sole indicator of service performance.

(D) Failure to meet a volume goal for two consecutive years will trigger an extended review of the pediatric cardiovascular surgery service by the director including possible inspections.

(E) No minimum per surgeon volume is recommended, however, the combination of high risk adjusted mortality and low volume shall trigger a thorough internal review of an individual physician by the provider of the pediatric cardiovascular surgery service.

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