3701-9-06 [Effective until 9/1/2014] Additional requirements for body piercing services.

In addition to the requirements in paragraphs (A) and (B) of rule 3701-9-04 of the Administrative Code, any person operating an approved business offering body piercing services shall comply with the following provisions pertaining to body piercing services.

(A) The operator shall ensure that individuals performing body piercing services shall be knowledgeable in appropriate precautions and procedures pertaining to unintentional needle sticks, and shall seek out appropriate medical care in the event of such an accident.

(B) Immediately prior to beginning any body piercing operation, each individual performing the procedure shall wash their hands in hot water with liquid or granulated soap, or equivalent, if approved by the board of health. The operator's fingernails shall be kept clean and short.

(C) The individual performing the procedure shall wear a clean new pair of disposable gloves, made of latex or similar material, for each new customer. Should the gloves develop a break or tear, or if the individual performing the procedure touches another surface during the course of the procedure, the gloves shall be immediately replaced.

(D) Individuals shall perform body piercing services only on normal, healthy skin surface. No procedures shall be done on scar tissue.

(E) The individual performing the procedure shall use povidone-iodine to thoroughly clean the area of skin to be pierced; or in the case of an iodine-sensitive patron, an antibacterial soap shall be used with a single use gauze square, or individual cotton ball or square. The area shall then be rinsed with a solution such as benzalkonium chloride. While seventy percent isopropyl alcohol may be used to swab the area to be pierced prior to cleaning, it shall not be used as a cleaning agent. In the case of oral piercings, the operator shall provide a patron with antibacterial mouthwash in a single use cup and shall ensure that the patron utilizes the mouthwash provided. In the case of a lip, labret, or cheek piercing, procedures described in this paragraph for both skin and oral piercings shall be followed.

(F) No operator performing body piercing services shall use styptic pencils, alum blocks, or other solid styptics to check the flow of blood.

(G) Operators performing body piercing services shall utilize a single-use, sterile needle for each piercing performed and shall appropriately dispose of the needle after performing each piercing procedure.

(H) Operators performing body piercing services shall install only sterilized jewelry made of 316 low carbon or low carbon vacuum molded surgical implant grade stainless steel, solid 14 karat or 18 karat white or yellow gold, niobium, titanium, platinum, or high-density, low-porosity plastic such as acrylic.

(I) The operator shall provide each patron with oral and written care instructions following the body piercing procedure.

(J) The operator performing the body piercing service shall maintain a record of service, including the patron's name, address, the date of service, jewelry used including the size, material composition and manufacturer, and placement of piercing. The operator shall maintain such record for at least two years. In the event of the closing of the business, all body piercing records shall be made available to the board of health.

(K) All obvious injuries or infections directly resulting from the practice of body piercing which are known or become known to the operator shall be reported to the board of health by the operator who shall immediately advise the patron to seek the services of a physician.

(L) The operator shall comply with applicable standards described in Chapter 3745-27 of the Administrative Code while disposing of waste items including, but not limited to needles and other supplies capable of causing lacerations or puncture wounds, generated through the provision of body piercing services.

(M) Operators of an approved business performing body piercing services, other than those utilizing a piercing gun, shall not perform such services outside the business premises, unless the board of health has provided approval for a time-limited operation in accordance with paragraph (G) of rule 3701-9-02 of the Administrative Code.

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 03/14/2008 and 03/01/2013

Promulgated Under: 119.03

Statutory Authority: 3730.10

Rule Amplifies: 3730.09

Prior Effective Dates: 4/30/1998