3701:1 Radiation Control

Chapter 3701:1-37 Physical Protection of Category One and Category Two Quantities of Radioactive Material

Chapter 3701:1-38 General Radiation Protection Standards for Sources of Radiation

Chapter 3701:1-40 Licensing of Radioactive Material

Chapter 3701:1-43 Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

Chapter 3701:1-44 Licensing of Source Material

Chapter 3701:1-46 General Licenses and Licenses for Manufacturing and Distribution

Chapter 3701:1-48 Licensing and Safety Requirements for Industrial Radiography

Chapter 3701:1-49 Licensing and Safety Requirements for Well Logging

Chapter 3701:1-50 Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Material

Chapter 3701:1-52 Licensing and Safety Requirements for Irradiators

Chapter 3701:1-54 Radiation Generator and Broker Reporting Requirements

Chapter 3701:1-56 License for Special Nuclear Material

Chapter 3701:1-58 Medical Use of Radioactive Materials

Chapter 3701:1-66 Radiation Generating Equipment

Chapter 3701:1-67 External Beam Radiation Therapy Equipment

Chapter 3701:1-68 Industrial Radiation Equipment