3701:1-49-04 Agreement with well owner or operator.

(A) A licensee may perform well logging with a sealed source only after the licensee has a written agreement with the employing well owner or operator. This written agreement must identify which party shall be responsible for meeting the following requirements:

(1) If a sealed source becomes lodged in the well, a reasonable effort will be made to recover it;

(2) A person may not attempt to recover a sealed source in a manner which, in the licensee's opinion, could result in its rupture;

(3) The radiation monitoring required in paragraph

(A) of rule 3701:1-49-22 of the Administrative Code will be performed;

(4) If the environment, any equipment, or personnel are contaminated with licensed material, they must be decontaminated before release from the site or release for unrestricted use; and(5) If the sealed source is classified as irretrievable after reasonable efforts at recovery have been expended, the following requirements must be implemented within thirty days:

(a) Each irretrievable well logging source must be immobilized and sealed in place with a cement plug;

(b) A means to prevent inadvertent intrusion on the source, unless the source is not accessible to any subsequent drilling operations; and

(c) A permanent identification plaque, constructed of long lasting material such as stainless steel, brass, bronze, or monel, must be mounted at the surface of the well, unless the mounting of the plaque is not practical. The size of the plaque must be at least seventeen centimeters (seven inches) square and three millimeters ( 0.125 inch) thick. The plaque must contain:

(i) The word "CAUTION";

(ii) The radiation symbol (the color requirement in paragraph (A) of rule 3701:1-38-18 of the Administrative Code need not be met);

(iii) The date the source was abandoned;

(iv) The name of the well owner or well operator, as appropriate;

(v) The well name and well identification number(s) or other designation;

(vi) An identification of the sealed source(s) by radionuclide and quantity;

(vii) The depth of the source and depth to the top of the plug; and

(viii) An appropriate warning, such as, "DO NOT RE-ENTER THIS WELL."

(B) The licensee shall retain a copy of the written agreement for three years after the completion of the well logging operation.

(C) A written agreement between the licensee and the well owner or operator is not required if the licensee and the well owner or operator are part of the same corporate structure or otherwise similarly affiliated. However, the licensee shall still otherwise meet the requirements in paragraphs (A)(1) to (A)(4) of this rule.

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