Lawriter - OAC - 3704-2-07 Payment of grant funds.

3704-2-07 Payment of grant funds.

(A) A notice of award or acknowledgement of terms signed by the director of the commission shall activate the grant.

(B) Acceptance of responses to substantive special conditions activates the grant.

(C) Grant payments are based on reimbursement generated on a quarterly basis. Payment will be based on the amount requested as approved in the budget portion of the project application or its subsequent revision(s).

(D) Payments may be delayed if:

(1) Quarterly reports have not been received;

(2) A budget has not been approved; or

(3) If specified special conditions have not been met by the grantee.

(E) Unless stated otherwise in the grant award, the payment cycle shall coincide with the quarterly reporting period. The initial payment to a project is usually sent during the first quarter of grant funding. Subsequent payments are processed upon receipt of quarterly reports.

(1) A quarterly (program and fiscal) report is due fifteen days after the end of the quarter.

(2) Payments should be received between the end of the second month of the next period and the middle of the third month.

(F) In specific situations or upon the request of the grantee, a project may be issued two payments in a period. The first payment begins prior to receipt of a quarterly report, up to two-thirds of the anticipated amount. The second payment is processed upon receipt of the quarterly report and contains any adjustments for the quarterly allotment. The two criteria for accepting a grantee request for this payment system are:

(1) Documentation that other funding sources are unable to contribute resources within the quarter or that there are not other funding sources to meet allowable costs; and

(2) Timely submission of quarterly reports.

(G) Warrants shall be made payable to the grantee agency and notification shall be mailed to the executive director.

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