3737-1-13 Reimbursement application review.

(A) The director or the director's designee shall review the application for reimbursement and notify the responsible person of any apparent errors or omissions in the application for reimbursement and request any additional information or documentation which is required to complete the application.

(B) Additional information may be requested if information contained in and submitted with the application for reimbursement is inconsistent with:

(1) Appropriate corrective actions for the release; or

(2) Approved reports and plans for the release, or where applicable, an order issued by the fire marshal with regard to the release; or

(3) Costs for corrective action which are usual, customary and reasonable for similar corrective action activities and under similar circumstances, as determined from the fund's experience.

(C) Any additional information or documentation requested to complete the application shall be submitted within ninety days from the date requested by the director or the director's designee. All costs of corrective action that are not documented within ninety days after requested by the director or the director's designee shall not be reimbursed regardless of whether documentation is later provided.

(D) The fire marshal and the responsible person shall be given written notice of the director's determination to approve, approve with modifications, or deny the application.

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Statutory Authority: 3737.90
Rule Amplifies: 3737.92
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