3745-103-26 Roles - USEPA and director.

(A) USEPA responsibilities. The USEPA shall be responsible for the following activities under the opt-in provisions of the acid rain program:

(1) Calculating the baseline or alternative baseline and allowance allocation, and allocating allowances for combustion or process sources that become affected units under this rule;

(2) Certifying or recertifying monitoring systems for combustion or process sources as provided under rules 3745-103-52 to 3745-103-54 of the Administrative Code;

(3) Establishing allowance accounts, tracking allowances, assessing end-of-year compliance, determining reduced utilization, approving thermal energy transfer and accounting for the replacement of thermal energy, closing accounts for opt-in sources that shut down, are reconstructed, become affected under rule 3745-103-02 of the Administrative Code, or fail to renew their opt-in permit, and deducting allowances as provided under rules 3745-103-41 to 3745-103-51 of the Administrative Code; and

(4) Ensuring that the opt-in source meets all withdrawal conditions prior to withdrawal from the acid rain program as provided in rule 3745-103-31 of the Administrative Code; and

(5) Approving and disapproving the request to withdraw from the acid rain program.

(B) Director responsibilities. The director shall be responsible for the following activities:

(1) Issuing the draft and final opt-in permit;

(2) Revising and renewing the opt-in permit; and

(3) Terminating the opt-in permit for an opt-in source as provided in rules 3745-103-31, 3745-103-47, and 3745-103-51 of the Administrative Code.

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