3745-104-19 Program two prevention program: operating procedures.

(A) The owner or operator shall prepare written operating procedures that provide clear instructions or steps for safely conducting activities associated with each covered process consistent with the safety information for that process. Operating procedures or instructions provided by equipment manufacturers or developed by persons or organizations knowledgeable about the process and equipment may be used as a basis for a stationary source's operating procedures.

(B) The procedures shall address the following:

(1) Initial startup;

(2) Normal operations;

(3) Temporary operations;

(4) Emergency shutdown and operations;

(5) Normal shutdown;

(6) Startup following a normal or emergency shutdown or a major change that requires a hazard review;

(7) Consequences of deviations and steps required to correct or avoid deviations; and

(8) Equipment inspections.

(C) The owner or operator shall ensure that the operating procedures are updated, if necessary, whenever a major change occurs and prior to startup of the changed process.

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Statutory Authority: 3753.02

Rule Amplifies: 3753

Prior Effective Dates: 8/13/99