3745-104-23 Program two prevention program: incident investigation.

(A) The owner or operator shall investigate each incident which resulted in, or could reasonably have resulted in a catastrophic release.

(B) An incident investigation shall be initiated as promptly as possible, but not later than forty-eight hours following the incident.

(C) A summary shall be prepared at the conclusion of the investigation which includes at a minimum:

(1) Date of incident;

(2) Date investigation began;

(3) A description of the incident;

(4) The factors that contributed to the incident; and,

(5) Any recommendations resulting from the investigation.

(D) The owner or operator shall promptly address and resolve the investigation findings and recommendations. Resolutions and corrective actions shall be documented.

(E) The findings shall be reviewed with all affected personnel whose job tasks are affected by the findings.

(F) Investigation summaries shall be retained for five years.

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Statutory Authority: 3753.02

Rule Amplifies: 3753

Prior Effective Dates: 8/13/99