3745-26-10 Requirements for contractors in the basic enhanced or opt-in enhanced automobile inspection and maintenance program.

(A) Initial motor vehicle inspections conducted under the basic, opt-in enhanced or enhanced tailpipe emissions inspection program required under section 3704.14 of the Revised Code shall be conducted by one or more private contractors.

(B) The contract shall be awarded by the director of administrative services and the contractor shall comply with all aspects of the bid contract as awarded.

(C) The contractor shall construct, maintain and operate computerized, high volume tailpipe emission inspection stations in a designated program area for the purpose of inspecting vehicles as required under section 3704.14 of the Revised Code. These contractor run tailpipe emission inspection stations shall meet, but not be limited to the following requirements:

(1) Eighty per cent of the population that is subject to division (F) of section 3704.14 of the Revised Code shall be no more than five miles from an emission inspection station and that one hundred per cent of that population be no more than ten miles from an emissions inspection station. In rural areas, one hundred per cent of that population shall be no more than fifteen miles from an inspection station:

(2) Stations shall be in operation for no fewer than forty-five hours per week, which shall include, without limitation, operating hours in the evening and on Saturdays;

(3) The amount of time a vehicle must wait within the confines of the queuing area shall not exceed a daily average of fifteen minutes;

(4) Each queuing area shall be at least one hundred fifty continuous feet per inspection lane; and

(5) There shall be no fewer than three permanent sheltered test lanes per urban facility and no fewer than two test lanes for each rural test facility.

(D) The contractor or any of its employees is prohibited from having principal interest in a company that is in the business of vehicle repair or service, in vehicle parts sales, or in motor vehicle sales or leasing.

(E) The contractor shall not refer vehicle owners to any particular vehicle repair service provider.

(F) For each designated program area required under division (B) of section 3704.14 of the Revised Code, the contractor shall provide emission inspection data analyses and furnish to the director summary reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis as requested by the director.

(G) The director may conduct periodic announced and unannounced audits of centralized facilities to ensure that the contractor continues to meet the requirements of these rules and the provisions of section 3704.14 of the Revised Code and 40 CFR Part 51.

(H) Each contractor shall be responsible for the upkeep, distribution and replacement of all vehicle inspection reports and other documents necessary or convenient to the program.

(I) Each contractor operated inspection station shall display a sign visible to motorists that contains the following statement: "This automobile inspection is the result of requirements under the clean air act amendments enacted by the United States Congress. Any questions or comments you may have about this program may be directed to your United States senator in care of the United States Senate, The Capitol, Washington D.C. 20510, or to your United States representative in care of the United States House of Representatives, The Capitol, Washington D.C. 20515."

(J) Each contractor shall be responsible for complying with equipment requirements and procedures established in 40 CFR Part 51.

Eff 5-15-90; 6-13-94
Rule promulgated under: RC Chapter 119.
Rule authorized by: RC 3704.14
Rule amplifies: RC 3704.14