3745-26-16 Requirements for certified waiver repair technicians and approved technician trainers.

(A) The director shall certify any applicant as a waiver repair technician to conduct waiver repairs as required in paragraph (E) of rule 3745-26-12 of the Administrative Code provided the applicant:

(1) Submits a completed application on a form prescribed by the director;

(2) Completes and satisfactorily passes a training curriculum sponsored or approved by the Ohio environmental protection agency for the purpose of learning the methods and procedures to be used in properly repairing vehicles failing an emissions inspection. The applicant is required to satisfactorily pass the Ohio EPA training course written examination. The training curriculum shall consist of three sequential units as follows:

(A) "Fundamental Inspection Repair System Training" (FIRST) which is subdivided into three modules

(i) Advanced electricity

(ii) Engine and fuel system analysis

(iii) Computer and driveability

(B) "Emission Diagnostician Graduate Education" (EDGE)

(C) Beginning January 1, 1998, "Advanced Emission Diagnostician Graduate Education" (Advanced EDGE);

(3) The requirement to complete and satisfactorily pass "Fundamental Inspection Repair System Training" (FIRST) may be waived by the director, if the applicant possesses current automotive service excellence (ASE) certification in advanced engine performance (L1) or satisfactorily passes a placement test for each of the three modules of FIRST given under the auspices of Ohio EPA as required in paragraph (A) (2) of this rule. If an applicant fails any of the three module(s) on the placement test, the applicant shall be required to complete and satisfactorily pass any corresponding module(s) of FIRST training. The placement test may be taken only once.

(4) Possesses current "Automotive Service Excellence" certification in Engine Performance (A8) and Electrical Systems (A6), ensuring that the technician has demonstrated competence in the area of basic emissions control systems. Beginning January 1, 1998, "Automotive Service Excellence" certification in Automobile Advanced Engine Performance (L1) will be required of each applicant. The director reserves the right to require or waive performance standards as he deems necessary.

(B) Certification as a waiver repair technician shall be valid for two years. Each certified technician may conduct or otherwise perform waiver repairs only at a licensed waiver repair facility.

(C) The director shall provide each applicant a waiver repair technician's certificate upon successful completion of certification requirements. The candidate may perform waiver related repairs as required in in paragraph rule 3745-26-12 of Administrative Code prior to the reception of a certificate only if all other requirements for certification have been met and satisfactorily completed or passed.

(D) Certified waiver repair technicians who change their place of employment from one licensed waiver repair facility to another may continue to conduct waiver repairs so long as their certification is valid. Certified technicians shall notify the director prior to a change in place of employment.

(E) The director may require a certified waiver repair technician to attend a program update training course at any time in order to maintain certification. The director will notify the technician in writing of any additional training requirements.

(F) Recertification as a waiver repair technician shall consist of submitting an application to the director before the current certification expires. Additional training may also be required.

(G) Approval of technician trainers

(1) The director or his designee may approve waiver repair technician trainers.

(2) The director may include terms and conditions necessary to become an Ohio EPA approved trainer for the purpose of training and certifying waiver repair technician.

(3) Upon approval by the director or his designee, Ohio EPA approved trainers shall also be certified as a certified waiver repair technician.

Eff 12-29-95
Rule promulgated under: RC Chapter 119.
Rule authorized by: RC 3704.14
Rule amplifies: RC 3704.14