3745-279-66 Notices provided by the used oil burner.

(A) Certification. Before a burner accepts the first shipment of off-specification used oil fuel from a generator, transporter, or processor/re-refiner, the burner shall provide to the generator, transporter, or processor/re-refiner a one-time written and signed notice certifying that:

(1) The burner has notified Ohio EPA stating the location and general description of his used oil management activities; and

(2) The burner will burn the used oil only in an industrial furnace or boiler identified in paragraph (A) of rule 3745-279-61 of the Administrative Code.

(B) Certification retention. The certification described in paragraph (A) of this rule shall be maintained for three years from the date the burner last receives shipment of off-specification used oil from that generator, transporter, or processor/re-refiner.

Eff 10-20-98
Rule promulgated under: RC Chapter 119.
Rule authorized by: RC 3734.12
Rule amplifies: RC 3734.12
119.032 review dates: Exempt