Lawriter - OAC - 3745-29-01 Definitions.

3745-29-01 Definitions.

As used in Chapter 3745-29 of the Administrative Code, the definitions contained in rules 3745-27-01 and 3745-30-01 of the Administrative Code and the following definitions are applicable:

(A) "Industrial solid waste" or "industrial waste" means a type of solid waste generated by manufacturing or industrial operations and includes, but is not limited to, solid waste resulting from the following manufacturing processes: electric power generation; fertilizer/agricultural chemicals; food and food-related products/by-products; inorganic chemicals; iron and steel manufacturing; leather and leather products; nonferrous metals manufacturing; plastics and resins manufacturing; pulp and paper industry; rubber and miscellaneous plastic products; stone, glass, clay and concrete products; textile manufacturing; and transportation equipment. "Industrial solid waste" does not include solid wastes generated by commercial, agricultural, or community operations. Industrial solid wastes may be disposed in a licensed sanitary landfill facility, a licensed industrial waste landfill facility, or in a licensed residual waste landfill facility, provided that the class number for the residual waste landfill facility is not greater than the class number necessary for that residual waste as determined by the residual waste characterization and landfill classification in accordance with rules 3745-30-03 and 3745-30-04 of the Administrative Code.

(B) "Industrial solid waste landfill facility" or "industrial waste landfill facility" means a sanitary landfill facility where one or any combination of industrial solid wastes as defined in paragraph (A) of this rule are exclusively disposed, and which has not during its operating life, disposed of significant amounts of "municipal solid waste" as that term is defined in rule 3745-27-01 of the Administrative Code. Nontoxic fly ash, nontoxic bottom ash, nontoxic spent foundry sand, slag, or construction and demolition debris may also be disposed at a residual waste facility.

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