Lawriter - OAC - 3745-34-21 Duration of permits.

3745-34-21 Duration of permits.

(A) Permits to operate for class I and class V wells shall be effective for a fixed term not to exceed five years, except that in the case of the renewal of an injection well operating permit that is issued for a class I injection well that was in operation on may 28, 1992 shall be not less than four years and not more than six years as determined by the director.

(B) The term of a permit to operate shall not be extended by modification beyond the maximum duration specified in this rule.

(C) The director may issue any permit for a duration that is less than the full allowable term under this rule.


(1) Permits to drill for class I and class V wells shall terminate within eighteen months of the effective date of the permit to drill if the owner or operator has not undertaken a continuing program of installation or modification or has not entered into a binding contractual obligation to undertake and complete within a reasonable time a continuing program of installation or modification.

(2) The director may modify a permit to drill to extend these dates of expiration by up to twelve months if the applicant submits, within a reasonable time before the termination date, an application for modification containing information that, in the judgment of the director, adequately justifies an extension of time. No appeal taken from denial of extension of an expiration date shall prevent termination of a permit during the period between denial of extension and final disposition of the appeal.

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