Lawriter - OAC - 3745-34-24 Termination of permits.

3745-34-24 Termination of permits.

(A) The director may terminate a permit during its term, or deny a permit renewal application for the following causes:

(1) Noncompliance by the permittee with any condition of the permit;

(2) The permittee's failure in the application or during the permit issuance process to disclose fully all relevant facts, or the permittee's misrepresentation of any relevant facts at any time; or

(3) A determination that the permitted activity endangers human health or the environment and can only be regulated to acceptable levels by permit modification or termination.

(B) The director shall follow the applicable procedures in Chapter 3745-47 of the Administrative Code in terminating any permit under this rule.

Eff 12-15-82; 7-25-84
Rule promulgated under: RC Chapter 119.
Rule amplifies: RC 6111.043