Lawriter - OAC - 3745-5-08 Water quality credits and pollutant loading calculations.

3745-5-08 Water quality credits and pollutant loading calculations.

(A) Where methods and procedures (e.g., sampling protocols, monitoring frequencies) are specified by federal regulations or in NPDES permits, they shall be used where applicable for measuring pollutant loads and determining compliance of permittees that engage in water quality trading.

(B) Where methods and procedures are not specified by other applicable rules and laws or an NPDES permit, a water quality credit shall:

(1) Unless alternate methods are deemed acceptable by the director, be calculated using the load reduction spreadsheet used to estimate load reductions that are achieved by implementing BMPs; or

(2) For pollutants or BMPs not included in the load reduction spreadsheet, be calculated using generally accepted engineering methods deemed acceptable by the director.

(C) When evaluating load reductions for any water quality credit, the director may consider monitoring data for pollutant load reductions resulting from the implementation of BMPs or changes in land use.

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