Lawriter - OAC - 3745-5-14 Ambient water quality monitoring requirements.

3745-5-14 Ambient water quality monitoring requirements.

(A) The ambient water quality monitoring plan shall include sufficient information for the director to:

(1) Determine if there have been negative impacts to water quality; and

(2) Document the presence or absence of any improvements to water quality.

(B) The ambient water quality monitoring plan shall:

(1) Include a list of chemical, biological and stream habitat parameters being monitored;

(2) Provide the sampling frequency for each parameter being monitored;

(3) Provide the location of each sampling site; and

(4) Identify the methods and procedures used to monitor each parameter.

(C) The director may require the applicant to submit additional information if the information submitted pursuant to paragraph (B) of this rule will not enable the director to determine if the trading activities have resulted in positive or negative impacts to water quality.

[Comment: For guidance on study plan design, sample collection, analytical methods, data assessment, and quality assurance and quality control procedures that are appropriate for the ambient water quality monitoring required under this rule, see appendices A, B and C to rule 3745-4-05 of the Administrative Code.]

Effective: 11/01/2012
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