Lawriter - OAC - 3745-512-50 Construction certification.

3745-512-50 Construction certification.

(A) For each engineered component at the facility, the owner or operator shall demonstrate the following through a construction certification report:

(1) Compliance with the facility design in the authorizing document.

(2) The engineered component was installed in a manner that did not damage the engineered component or other engineered components.

(3) Compliance with the construction requirements in this chapter for the engineered component.

(B) The construction certification report shall be signed and sealed by a professional engineer.

(C) Each construction certification report shall include the following:

(1) A narrative section that identifies the engineered components that were constructed during the construction event, which shall include the following:

(a) A comparison of each constructed engineered component to the design and any material or construction specification in the authorizing document and to the material and construction specifications in this chapter.

(b) A summary of how construction was impacted by weather, equipment limitations, and any other difficulty that was encountered.

(2) All alterations and alternatives that relate to the installation of any engineered component to be certified, and to be presented as follows:

(a) A listing of all alterations previously concurred with and all alternatives previously approved.

(b) All alteration requests which are proposed for concurrence. The alteration request shall conform to the requirements in rule 3745-512-55 of the Administrative Code.

(3) The certification requirements for each engineered component constructed during the construction event in accordance with rules 3745-512-110 to 3745-512-460 of the Administrative Code and in accordance with any requirement in the authorizing document, which shall include the following:

(a) Test results including all passing, failing, and inconclusive test results.

(b) All survey information, which shall be signed and sealed by a professional surveyor.

(4) A demonstration that the integrity of the engineered components was maintained, including references to construction activity logs.

(5) If any oil or gas well was plugged and abandoned, a demonstration of compliance with paragraph (C) of rule 3745-512-30 of the Administrative Code.

(6) Verification that whenever equipment is used to test an engineered component, the equipment is properly calibrated in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and specifications.

(7) A description of the experience, training, responsibilities in decision making, and any other qualifications of the personnel who provided construction oversight and conducted all of the testing on the engineered components for which the certification report is being submitted.

(8) A certification statement and signature in accordance with rule 3745-500-50 of the Administrative Code.

Effective: 4/1/2017
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 04/01/2022
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3 73 4.02
Rule Amplifies: 3734.02