Lawriter - OAC - 3745-55-78 Closure.

3745-55-78 Closure.

At closure, all hazardous waste and hazardous waste residues must be removed from the containment system. Remaining containers, liners, bases, and soil containing or contaminated with hazardous waste or hazardous waste residues must be decontaminated or removed.

[Comment: At closure, as throughout the operating period, unless the owner or operator can demonstrate in accordance with paragraph (D) of rule 3745-51-03 of the Administrative Code that the waste removed from the containment system is not a hazardous waste, the owner or operator becomes a generator of hazardous waste and must manage it in accordance with all applicable requirements of Chapters 3745-52, 3745-53, 3745-54 to 3745-57, 3745-65 to 3745-69, 3745-205, 3745-256, and 3745-266 of the Administrative Code.]

Eff 1-7-83; 12-7-04
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Rule authorized by: RC 3734.12
Rule amplifies: RC 3734.12
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