Lawriter - OAC - 3745-67-72 General operating requirements.

3745-67-72 General operating requirements.

(A) Hazardous waste shall not be placed in or on a land treatment facility unless such waste can be made less hazardous or nonhazardous by degradation, transformation, or immobilization processes occurring in or on the soil.

(B) The owner or operator must design, construct, operate, and maintain a run-on control system capable of preventing flow onto the active portions of the facility during peak discharge from at least a twenty-five-year storm.

(C) The owner or operator must design, construct, operate, and maintain run-off management system capable of collecting and controlling a water volume at least equivalent to a twenty-four-hour, twenty-five-year storm.

[Comment: If the collected run-off is a hazardous waste under Chapter 3745-51 of the Administrative Code, such waste shall be managed in accordance with all the applicable requirements of the hazardous waste rules.]

(D) Collection and holding facilities (e.g., tanks or basins) associated with run-on and run-off control systems must be emptied or otherwise managed expeditiously after storms to maintain design capacity of the system.

(E) If the treatment zone contains particulate matter which may be subject to wind dispersal, the owner or operator must manage the unit to control wind dispersal.

Eff 4-15-81; 1-7-83; 5-29-85 (Emer.); 8-29-85; 1-30-86
Rule promulgated under: RC Chapter 119.
Rule amplifies: RC 3734.12