Lawriter - OAC - 3745-7-07 Operator in training.

3745-7-07 Operator in training.

The director may allow an applicant to defer completion of the onsite operating experience requirements for their classification of certificate required by rule 3745-7-06 of the Administrative Code until after successfully passing the examination for certification. Such applicants shall be designated as"operators in training" after successfully passing the examination until such time as they fulfill the onsite operating experience requirements.

(A) Eligibility for operator in training status shall be limited to applicants for the class A, I, or II examination.

(B) Eligibility requirements for examination and designation as an operator in training are the same as the prerequisites in rule 3745-7-06 of the Administrative Code, except that the director may waive the onsite operating experience requirement in public water systems, sewerage systems, or treatment works until after the applicant has successfully passed the examination.

(C) An operator in training shall complete the operating experience requirement within four years of passing the examination for which they applied.

(D) Upon successfully completing the actual onsite operating experience requirements of rule 3745-7-06 of the Administrative Code, the applicant shall be certified by the director as an operator in the classification for which they applied, subject to verification by the council.

Effective: 02/23/2012
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