3745-7-09 Recordkeeping requirements and responsibilities of a certified operator.

(A) The owner and operator of record of a public water system, treatment works or sewerage system shall maintain or cause to be maintained operation and maintenance records for each public water system, distribution system, water treatment plant within a public water system, sewerage system, treatment works, or wastewater treatment facility within a treatment works. Some of the formats in which the records may be maintained include, but are not limited to, hard bound books with consecutive page numbering, time cards, separate operation and maintenance records, or well organized computer logs.

(1) The records shall be housed and maintained in such a manner as to be protected from weather damage and guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the records contained within.

(2) The records shall be accessible onsite for twenty-four hour inspection by agency or emergency response personnel.

(3) At a minimum, the following information shall be recorded:

(a) Identification of the public water system, sewerage system, or treatment works;

(b) Date and times of arrival and departure for the operator of record and any other operator required by this chapter;

(c) Specific operation and maintenance activities that affect or have the potential to affect the quality or quantity of sewage or water conveyed, effluent or water produced;

(d) Results of tests performed and samples taken, unless documented on a laboratory sheet;

(e) Performance of preventative maintenance and repairs or requests for repair of the equipment that affect or have the potential to affect the quality or quantity of sewage or water conveyed, effluent or water produced; and

(f) Identification of the persons making entries.

(4) The records shall be kept up to date, contain a minimum of the previous three months of data at all times, and be maintained for at least three years.

(B) A certified operator shall:

(1) Perform their duties in a responsible and professional manner consistent with standard operating procedures and best management practices;

(2) Operate and maintain public water systems, sewerage systems, treatment works, and appurtenances so as not to endanger the health or safety of persons working in or around the facility, the public at large, or the environment due to negligence or incompetence; and

(3) Report all instances of noncompliance with applicable regulations to the operator of record or facility supervisor.

(C) The duties of an operator of record shall include, but not be limited to, those outlined in paragraphs (B)(1) to (B)(3) of this rule and the following additional duties and responsibilities:

(1) Responsible and effective on site management and supervision of the technical operation of the public water system, treatment works, or sewerage system;

(2) Immediately notifying the permittee or owner of a public water system, sewerage system, or treatment works, and ensuring the agency and, if applicable, the local regulatory agency, is notified of items that require notification in accordance with sections] 6109. or 6111. of the Revised Code, the rules adopted thereunder, or the facility's NPDES permit; and

(D) In the event that there are issues related to paragraphs (A) to (C) of this rule that are within the area of responsibility of, but beyond an operator of record or a certified operator's ability to address, it shall be the operator's responsibility to document any efforts to rectify the problem.

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Effective: 02/23/2012
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