Lawriter - OAC - 3745-81-03 Siting requirements.

3745-81-03 Siting requirements.

Before a person may enter into a financial commitment for or initiate construction of a new public water system or increase the capacity of an existing public water system, he shall notify the director and, to the extent practicable, avoid locating part or all of the new or expanded facility at a site which:

(A) Is subject to a significant risk from earthquakes, floods, fires or other disasters which could cause a breakdown of the public water system or a portion thereof; or

(B) Except for intake structures, is within the floodplain of a one-hundred-year flood or is lower than any recorded high tide where appropriate records exist.

Eff 12-27-78
Rule promulgated under: Promulgated under: Section 3, Am. Sub. S.B.445 112th General Assembly
Rule amplifies: RC 6109.04