Chapter 3745-85 Contingency Plans

3745-85-01 Contingency plans.

(A) Except as otherwise noted, the definitions in rule 3745-81-01 of the Administrative Code shall apply to this chapter.

(B) Contingency plan required. Each community water system shall prepare and maintain a written contingency plan for providing safe drinking water to its service area under emergency conditions.

(C) Location of copies.

(1) One copy of the contingency plan shall be kept at the water treatment plant, if there is a plant, and another shall be kept in the water system administrator's office.

(2) Public water systems serving a population of more than two hundred fifty shall keep three additional copies of the plan at various accessible, secure locations in the service area.

(3) A copy of the contingency plan shall be available for inspection by representatives of the director.

(4) A copy of the contingency plan for community water systems shall be made available to the county emergency management agency (EMA) upon its request.

(D) Contents of contingency plan.

The contingency plan shall contain:

(1) A map of the distribution system, detailed locations for each valve in the system, including references that will aid in location of valves, and a map of the well field and surface water intakes as applicable;

(2) A statement of amounts budgeted for emergency use, along with a statement showing who can authorize expenditures for such purpose, and under what conditions such authorization and expenditure can occur;

(3) A determination of not less than ten of the most likely emergencies that will affect the water system and a description of the procedures to be followed and actions necessary to provide service during the emergencies. For systems serving fewer than one thousand five hundred people, the following emergency circumstances shall be included in such outline;

(a) Short term power failure (time of interruption less than two hours);

(b) Extended power failure (two hours or more);

(c) Pump or motor failure;

(d) Loss of water from a well or other water source;

(e) Major water main break;

(f) Unplanned absence of operator; and

(g) Contamination of source water including, but not limited to, releases of oil and hazardous substances.

(4) A description of the method that will be used to obtain and transport water from an alternate source should such procedure become necessary (including connecting to another water system), and a description of at least three possible alternate sources of water and the method of disinfection that will be used for each source;

(5) A list of water users having critical needs for a continuous supply of water;

(6) The methods of notification of users that an emergency exists;

(7) If depressurization of the water system has occurred, the procedure that will be used to return the system to normal service;

(8) Twenty-four hour telephone numbers for:

(a) The Ohio environmental protection agency, division of drinking and ground water;

(b) Police;

(c) Fire;

(d) The county EMA director;

(e) All water supply personnel;

(f) Municipal administrative personnel;

(g) Contractors for line breaks, "first call" and "second call";

(h) Electric power supplier;

(i) Electricians, "first call" and "second call";

(j) Well drilling and pump service contractors, "first call" and "second call";

(k) Plant mechanical contractors, "first call" and "second call";

(l) All suppliers of equipment and chemicals normally used;

(m) Hospital, emergency squad, medical assistance; and

(n) Critical water users who have requested notification.

(E) Revision required.

(1) The contingency plan required by this chapter of the Administrative Code shall be revised and updated as necessary, but at least annually;

(2) Copies of the revised pages of the plan shall be promptly distributed to holders of the plan, as described in paragraph (C) of this rule.

(3) Community water systems that have identified hazardous chemical contamination as one of their most likely emergencies under paragraph (D)(3) of this rule shall consult with the county EMA regarding participation in a hazardous spill exercise.

Replaces: Part of 3745-85-01, former 3745-85-02, former 3745-85-03, Part of 3745-85-

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