3746-5-23 Evidence.

(A) A party may object to the admission of any evidence and the commission shall pass upon the admissibility of said evidence. If the commission refuses to admit evidence, the party offering same may make a proffer thereof, and such proffer shall be made a part of the record of such hearing.

(B) Parties shall have the right of presentation of evidence, cross-examination, objection, motion, and argument. The commission may limit the number of witnesses upon any issue and may require any party to present additional evidence on any issue. All witnesses shall be sworn or shall affirm the truthfulness of their testimony.

(C) Written testimony (on numbered lines in either narrative or question-and-answer form) of any witness may be admitted into evidence, provided the witness is present and sworn or affirmed, and provided a copy of the testimony was served upon, and actually received by, all other parties, at least three days prior to the hearing.

(D) Copies of any exhibit to be offered into evidence shall be provided to each commission member and all parties at the time it is identified as an exhibit, unless otherwise ordered by the commission.

(E) All written statements, charts, tabulations, or similar data offered in evidence at the hearing shall, after identification by the proponent and upon a satisfactory showing of the admissibility of the contents thereof, be numbered as exhibits, received in evidence, and made a part of the record.

(F) If any person objects to the admission or rejection of any evidence or to other limitations of the scope of any examination or cross-examination, he shall state briefly the grounds for such objection on the record. A ruling by the commission on any such objection shall also be a part of the record.

Effective: 06/21/2009
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 03/09/2009 and 03/09/2014
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3745.03
Rule Amplifies: 3745.02 - 3745.06
Prior Effective Dates: 10/23/73, 3/9/99, 5/27/04