Lawriter - OAC - 3747-2-10 Criteria for selection of contractors.

3747-2-10 Criteria for selection of contractors.

(A) The board of directors of the Ohio low-level radioactive waste facility development authority shall evaluate proposals from private entities in an objective and systematic manner and shall base its selection upon a set of relevant characteristics, including:

(1) Responsiveness to all elements in the request for proposals;

(2) Demonstrated ability to perform the required tasks in a technically sound manner, and utilizing an appropriate quality assurance/quality control program;

(3) A commitment to dedicate qualified and experienced personnel through completion of the project;

(4) Experience in communicating with government officials and the general public on complex technical matters and sensitive environmental issues;

(5) The ability to devote sufficient financial resources to the accomplishment of the required tasks;

(6) The ability to perform the required tasks in a cost effective manner.

(B) Based upon the evaluations specified in paragraph (A) of this rule, the board of directors shall identify specific proposals for further consideration. The board of directors shall interview the private entities submitting such proposals, and may request presentations from them as part of the interview process.

(C) Pursuant to Divisions (A) and (C) of section 3747.08 of the Revised Code, the board of directors shall conduct a public hearing prior to final selection of a contractor. Each entity selected for interview by the board pursuant to paragraph (B) of this rule shall make a presentation at such hearing.

(D) Subject to and consistent with the requirements of section 149.43 of the Revised Code, proposals from entities making presentations at the public hearing pursuant to paragraph (C) of this rule shall be available for public review and comment for a period of thirty days prior to the public hearing.

(E) Issuance of a contract shall be contingent upon satisfactory completion of a background investigation to be conducted by the office of the Ohio attorney general, pursuant to division (A)(12) of section 3747.07 of the Revised Code, including a demonstration of compliance with federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations.

Eff 10-18-96
Rule promulgated under: RC Chapter 119.
Rule authorized by: RC 3747.07
Rule amplifies: RC 3747.06, 3747.07