3750-20-70 Exercise definitions.

As used in the exercise rules:

(A) "Actual event" means a reportable release as defined by section 3750.06 of the Revised Code and rules adopted thereunder, for which exercise credit is being requested.

(B) "Primary emergency operations center" (EOC) means a fixed facility that is identified in the state's or the district's "chemical emergency response and preparedness plan" and that must be the same primary EOC identified in the state or local emergency operations plan. The facility must be capable of accommodating essential municipal, county, state, federal, and private representatives who are identified in the state's or the district's "chemical emergency response and preparedness plan." The facility must also be physically equipped to accommodate all participants' needs, as identified in the EOC requirements list found in the "Ohio Hazardous Materials Exercise Evaluation Manual" (OHM-EEM). An EOC's essential functions are:

(1) Gathering and displaying information;

(2) Coordination and decision-making;

(3) Establishment of response and recovery priorities;

(4) Identification and coordination of resources;

(5) Providing centralized direction, control, and warning for response and recovery actions;

(6) Supporting field operations; and

(7) Establishing and maintaining communications with field and support agencies.

(C) "Alternate emergency operations center" (EOC) means a fixed facility which meets all of the criteria in paragraph (B) of this rule and which can be used when the primary EOC is not available or geographic considerations make the alternate EOC more capable of accomplishing the essential functions of the primary EOC.

(D) "Exercise objective" means the list of criteria used to evaluate a specific operations function. Exercise objectives are identified by the commission in the OHM-EEM.

(E) "Operational capability" means the ability of emergency personnel to respond to individual chemical hazards in a manner which minimizes adverse effects upon the public, property, and the environment in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local statutes and regulations.

(F) "Points of review" means those individual points identified in each exercise objective which are collectively used to evaluate the demonstration of a specific objective during an exercise, as established by the commission in the OHM-EEM.

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