Lawriter - OAC - 3750-20-72 Chemical emergency response plans.

3750-20-72 Chemical emergency response plans.

For guidance in preparation of chemical emergency response and preparedness plans, The commission and each committee shall use, at a minimum, the "Ohio Hazardous Materials Plan Development and Evaluation Document," adopted, updated, and supplemented by the commission, as authorized by Chapter 3750. of the Revised Code

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R.C. 119.032 review dates: 08/21/2014 and 08/21/2019
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3750.02(B)(2)(a), 3750.02(B)(2)(b)
Rule Amplifies: 3750.04
Prior Effective Dates: 1/16/91, 10/1/98